Free template de7igner flat ios7 inspired onepage parallax

De7igner – Flat iOS7 Inspired Coming Soon Template is a fully configurable and easy to use responsive under construction template with HTML5 Video Background Support and a lot of other great features. It has been specifically designed to be easily customized and it’s created for creatives who want to make under construction page in few minutes.

A simple and clean countdown is always a great feature to have if you are committed to a deadline. You can also start building up your user base by giving them a subscribe area, so they can get updated when your site is ready to go live.


The HTML5 revolution is exciting for web designers from all areas of the globe. The new specifications support dozens of elements and attributes for building semantic websites. These new features include multimedia tags for audio and video formats. That’s why we’ve created three versions of De7igner – Static Image, Photo Slideshow and Fullscreen Video Version.

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  • Package 01

    20.000vnđ  =  10coin
    40.000vnđ  =  20coin
    60.000vnđ  =  30coin
    80.000vnđ  =  40coin
    100.000vnđ  =  50coin
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    120.000vnđ  =  70coin
    140.000vnđ  =  80coin
    160.000vnđ  =  90coin
    180.000vnđ  =  100coin
    200.000vnđ  =  110coin
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    300.000vnđ  =  170coin
    350.000vnđ  =  200coin
    400.000vnđ  =  230coin
    450.000vnđ  =  260coin
    500.000vnđ  =  280coin
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    600.000vnđ  =  350coin
    700.000vnđ  =  400coin
    800.000vnđ  =  450coin
    900.000vnđ  =  500coin
    1.000.000vnđ  =  650coin

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